Client Testimonials

Lois and Larry Shipman

Thank you so much for serving as our realtor. It was a whirlwind of activity and it turned out wonderfully. From our very first meeting, I knew you were the "right choice" for us. As we moved along we were impressed with your honesty. If you said you would do something, you always followed through on that promise. That follow through has always been important to us while we were in business and while I was teaching.

By being an expert in your field, you saved us a lot of money by informing us what was necessary to fix or do and what we could quit worrying about on the house on Frost Place. You were so very helpful in telling us how to present our house for showing. And were there ever a lot of showings!!!!!!!!

I'll never forget the day you called us and said we need to look at a home on Yale right away. By that time you knew what we were looking for in a home. You were right-it was the ONE. I don't think we would have been able to purchase the Yale home without your fine reputation. The selling realtor trusted you enough that you would get our house sold in a week and sure enough you made that happen.

Then there were the closings. They both went so smoothly. No surprises! You made sure you were there for us, even though you had major surgery two days before closing.Your gift of cleaning the house after we had moved everything out was such a blessing. Thank you for your generous gift card-it was a delightful surprise. It didn't end with closing day, because you pitched in and replaced a door for us that the sellers would not replace. That was very much appreciated.

To sum everything up, you are top notch in every way and we would highly recommend you to anyone and everyone who is buying or selling a home.

Laverna and Keith Markey

My mom and I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. You did a wonderful job getting all of the inspection items taken care of in a timely manner. This takes a lot of planning and scheduling skills. When we first meet and we discussed the commission you told me you were worth it. Well I’m the kind of person that you have to prove your worth and you exceeded expectations. Job well done.

Scott Harlan

Thank you for the super professional way you did business, and for helping my mother out by letting her reimburse your upgrade costs at closing, and helping her with transportation and signing.
My mother and brother spoke to two other agents before we spoke to you. One was ok, but I felt a little low on asking price at $325k. The other was supposedly a mid century expert. He wanted to ask $299k and hope for $315k. When we asked for houses he'd sold in the last year several were listed as "off market" sales. At best he's lazy or incompetent. I thought I'd let you know, it's good for honest people in a business to know who the snakes are.
After the conversations with the first two agents I did some analysis of just 3 bedrooms in Lakewood north of Colfax, and applied price inflation according to how many months ago they sold. I also did some curve fitting to compensate for different lot sizes and house square footage. I came up for $363k if my mom's house was in average condition (which I don't think it was when you started). I think it was probably average condition when you were done. Anyway the anemic response from the first two agents is what caused us to speak to you. I'm very glad we did.
So we are very happy with the sale price and everything about the transaction. I was surprised when you bumped the price up from $370k to $375k, then you actually got $376k in one week.
Thank you again for all of your work on this transaction. It could have been difficult and convoluted to manage from this distance. But it wasn't because you did what you said you would do for the amount of money you said you would do it, and on time.

Doug and Marilyn Brader

Deborah is the best realtor anyone could have. Deborah sold our townhouse in a few weeks which two other realtors could not.  The two other realtors we tried had the listing for over a year and a half before we contacted Deborah.  Like I said within a few weeks Deborah sold the townhouse for us and helped sell several of our families houses and none of them were on the market for very long.  Deborah has been our realtor ever since.  We would have no one else.  Deborah is the best!!!!!!

Rick and Cheryl Wilkinson

After just 2 days, we sold our home with the help of Deborah Tucker.  She's an amazing Realtor and really takes the time to prepare your home for sale; beginning with the appropriate sales price because of the "comps" in the area, the signing of the contract, the "virtual tour" pictures, the "flyers" and all the follow-ups that occur with the sale of your home through "closing".  She's very reliable and thorough.....We couldn't have sold our home so quickly without her!!  Deborah is "the Realtor" for the sale of your home!!!

Debra Waddell

I had the opportunity to work with Deborah Tucker from Sterling Real Estate in the sale of my home.  Deb was an invaluable source of information as well as extremely competent and resourceful. 
I was concerned at the time about the appeal of my home to a potential buyer due to some constructionl changes we had made for our own family.  Deb came in and gave me valuable advice as to what would make my home more appealing.  She was extremely cognizant of cost and brought in a professional to stage my home.  I found the virtual tour, flyers and extensive advertising to be above and beyond normal expectations.
Deb was always available to answer questions and concerns and very good to keep me updated as to the progress of said sale.  Her work ethic and integrity or impeccable and I am proud to recommend her services.  Anyone who chooses to work with her is in good hands and can be assured that they will be treated with the utmost care and respect.  The sale of one's home can be extremely difficult and emotional, Deb makes sure that everything is handled efficiently and smoothly from start to finish.

George Flanders

Deborah Tucker set a strategy and path that led us to sell the house for the highest price in the neighborhood in the last 3 years - Excellent in these tough times for sellers.

Mike and Karen Siclair

When my husband and I decided to put our house on the market, Deborah came out and was very knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy.  She gave us some great suggestions on how to stage our house to make it more marketable.  We must have had at least 50 showings, and were able to sell our house in about 8 weeks.  Thanks to Deborah, we're now living in our retirement home in Pagosa Springs, Co.

Rick Stevenson

When my mom needed to sell her townhouse and look for a retirement community I thought of you as the person we wanted to help sell her townhouse.  Yes, I know other realtors, but our friendship from the past told me you had the interest and the drive to get the sale done as quickly and as beneficially as possible.

Now, on this side of the sale, I can say we were truly impressed with all your hard work to get the townhouse ready for sale.  That includes all the outlets at your disposal to advertise it, your tireless efforts in getting the townhouse presentable for showing and your personal consideration in working with my mom, who is elderly and can get some things confused.  You treated her with great respect and kept your focus on helping her sell the townhouse.  Your hard work and gracious attitude went a long way in getting the sale done quickly in a slow market.  Next time I am in need to sell a property I will certainly be calling on you.  Thank you for all you did for us.

Jeremy Johnson & Marla Mueller

Deborah helped us find our dream home at a price we never imagined! Deborah is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in all parts of the home buying/ownership experience, which has been invaluable to us as first time home owners.

Nancy and Frank Csaszar

Deborah is a motivated, organized and thorough agent who gets the job done right. She was able to answer all our questions quickly and was very knowledgeable about the current real estate market. Her ability to deal with other agents was remarkable and I would not hesitate to use her services again or to recommend her to my family and friends." Really, you were great to work with!

Jessie and Ruben Hernandez

Deborah Tucker was very helpful and willing to go the extra mile to help us find the perfect house.  She listened to our needs and found us a great deal.  I would recommend her (and Sterling Real Estate) to anyone."

Wayne Walters

I was looking for a home for my sister, and Sterling group, especially Deborah was a great help in this endeavor. We looked at houses for weeks on end until we came upon the perfect house for my sister. It was a small two bedroom house that had been remodeled, and the asking price was in my range of cost. Deborah made the deal for me without a hitch, my sister moved in and was also very grateful for this transaction. I would highly recommended Deborah and the sterling group to either sale or help you buy a home.


Kris Lykins

Deborah is just awesome.  It was such a pleasure to work with someone like her. I can't tell you how much I appreciated her guidance and advice.  She was simply a godsend.